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    Friday, March 24, 2006

    Paul Smith Customer Service Issue

    I love getting reader mail - it makes me feel like people actually read the blog. A Purse Pal sent me the following horror story about a Paul Smith bag they splurged on (the gal paid full price, which is something I can hardly ever do!), and then the bag didn't hold up like a bag in that price range should. Here is her exact account:

    "I am having a HUGE issue with Paul Smith the company that makes the handbags and luxury goods etc. If you want to put a warning for consumers up that would be great because I am so upset with them.

    Here is the deal. I bought a handbag from them in England and spent about 800 u.s.d. on the bag. After using the bag only about 8 times I noticed that the handles were breaking. I emailed the company and they asked me to send the bag back to them. They didnt offer to pay shipping so I spent 94.00 to ship the bag to England. After about 3 weeks the lady in charge emails me and says they cant fix my bag and will not offer me an exchange or refund. That the handles breaking is just "normal wear and tear" which to me is insane since they were literally breaking off from the bag. She said they could and would do nothing about the bag and that I am basically out of luck and will get no compensation. So I am out 900.00 for a purse that is useless. I am not a rich person and I was very reluctant to spend so much on a purse but I figured I would use it for years and I loved it. Now they are telling me that they will not have the decency to fix it or replace the bag and that is in such poor taste. When you are charging such outrageous prices the least they can do is offer good customer service."

    Sadly, this is probably not a rare incident when it comes expensive fashion purchases. Some items just aren't made properly and they do fall apart, and they absolutely need to be replaced if they do! Paul Smith clearly doesn't stand behind their products, so please keep this in mind if you decide to go for one of his fun signature stripe accessories. I was once head over heels with this company's designs, but now I definitely won't splurge on their items and then get stuck with a lousy bag.

    If you have a cautionary tale about any designer's customer service or faulty merchandise, please email me at I will glady post your tale in order to warn other Purse Dealers - because it isn't a deal if it falls apart.

    Comments on "Paul Smith Customer Service Issue"


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:15 AM) : 

    This is terrible..when merchants basically cheat people who have purchased their merchandise. If she used her credit card to buy, she may be able to go back and dispute the charge with the credit card company, based on it being defective. At least call and ask..good luck..


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:56 PM) : 

    Thanks for posting this :). I appreciate it.
    ~Candice the girl who wrote this.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:49 PM) : 

    In Britan, goods sold to a consumer must be of merchantable quality - or else the seller must give a refund. It's the law! You can report sellers to Trading Standards or even take them to the Small Claims Court for just a few pounds. So they are breaking the law. Perhaps they think they can get away with it because you are back in the US now.
    I'd try writing to them again and say that you are writing to Trading Standards and telling them that you are aware of your legal rights.


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