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    Friday, December 09, 2005

    Tips on how Sale Stalk an Item

    I "Sale Stalk" items all the time. For example, these Tod's shoes caught my eye a few months ago and I have been in love ever since.

    Swing Selleria $334 (Original Price $445)

    The color, the fantastic details, and the sturdy heel called out to me, but the price tag didn't. I've been watching them ever since and they were just marked down at eLuxury - but unfortunately, Christmas shopping has left me and my Rafe purse quite empty :( and they just aren't marked down far enough.

    I'm sure many other ladies have had this conundrum - where they instantly fell in love with an item and knew they would have to wait and wait until it reached their price range. So I've decided to put together a few tips about how to stalk an item until it goes on sale.

    1) Bookmark all the items you love
    I have a special section in my links folder just for items that I am stalking. This seems a like an easy "duh!" suggestion - but every couple days I click on the links and check up on them. You never know when that vigilance will pay off in super discount.

    2) Create a "Favorite Search" on eBay.
    The item you want might pop up on eBay any day for much cheaper than retail price. Instead of doing a search every week, and possibly letting it slip away to some other lucky bidder - you can automate your search so that eBay will let you know when what you want pops up. This feature is called "Favorite Searches" and it has alerted to several amazing deals. You can store up to 100 Favorite Searches - and I almost up to that limit on mine.
    Click here for more information on Favorite Searches

    3) Check Outlet Stores
    So the item you want is gone? Think it is lost forever? Don't despair - unless it completely sold out (which is very very rare), it was probably just shipped off to an outlet store. If the item you wanted was at Nordstrom - try Nordstrom Rack. Saks? That's what Off Saks Fifth Avenue stores are for. If you really want to know where the unsold merchandise went off to, call up the store or send an email. It can't hurt to ask.

    4) Be Patient
    This is probably the hardest tip on the list. If the item you want is gone forever, it is very easy to just forget about it and move on. But you never know when that coveted pair of shoes or purse can pop up on eBay or an outlet store. Save a picture of what you want on your computer hard drive to always remind you of your wishlist. Make sure to label the designer and exact item name. If you have a good memory you will be rewarded - the longer an item is out of its season the more it gets marked down. I am always finding discontinued items that I desperately wanted years ago - at seriously marked down prices. So many shoppers move on the newest thing and forget about the great items from seasons' past. If you aren't one of those shoppers, you will always find the best deals.

    Best of luck with your sale stalking - feel free to share your experiences and tips about how to get the best deals with me. You can email me at:

    Comments on "Tips on how Sale Stalk an Item"


    Blogger Tania said ... (7:02 PM) : 

    I so feel you on this. I sale stalk almost evreyday. Great tips!


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