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    Friday, October 07, 2005

    Halloween Costume Ideas

    I am definitely a fan of Halloween, but what fabulously chic woman would be caught in generic costume? I like to play a game every year where I keep score of how many women are dressed up as Catwoman, and what percentage of those women should not have been dressed up at Catwoman. (Last year's score: 7, and 57%)

    I was lucky enough to find a great Cruella De Ville costume online(Link to Cruella Post) But sometimes you have to create your own costume, which requires more effort but the end result is always more unique.

    So I thought I would propose some Halloween costumes to my fellow handbag lovers so you won't be the 8th woman at your party dressed up a sexy nurse.

    Martha Stewart:
    I love this woman. Let me repeat, I love this woman. What other woman can generate $375,000 in website sales of the crocheted grey poncho they wore while leaving prison?

    If you got caught up in the poncho craze of last season, you should have a black or grey poncho in your closet. If not, check your local discount clothing stores. It should be easy to find a thick, blonde bob wig. I recommend looking on ebay while there is still time to have it shipped to you.
    BONUS POINTS: Get a matching poncho for your dog or head down to Canal St. and get a fake Birkin to cart around.

    White Trash Pregnant Britney Spears:
    Image hosted by Image hosted by
    This is an easy one that you can throw together in minutes, but it does take some planning ahead. First, don't wash your hair for two days prior to Halloween and then throw into a messy bun at the top of your head. Second, get a similiar tanktop to the one in the picture below and write "I Have the Golden Ticket" on it in the same creepy fashion Britney has hers. Third, stuff the tank top with a pillow, throw on your rattiest jean cut-off shorts and Viola you're just glamourous as Britney Spears!

    Just so you know, the actual tanktop from Britney's classy ensemble is being auctioned off on ebay to benefit Hurricane victims. If you want a piece of pregnant Britney memorabilla, check it out: Golden Ticket Tank Top
    BONUS POINTS: A can of Schlitz and a lit cigarette.

    Pre Surgery/Post Surgery Kathy Griffin:

    This is a tricky concept to pull off, but anyone who loved Kathy Griffin's reality show "Life on D-List" will love it. For this costume, you will make your right side Pre-Plastic Surgery and your left side Post-Plastic Surgery.
    On your pre-surgery side, your hair will be curly. On your left side, your hair will be straight and add extra liner to your lips, and pad your left boob so the post surgery side appears "enhanced." Add any extra makeup that will make your eyebrows and other facial features look different on each side. For clothes, just wear the loudest and most colorful outfit you can find (think from her "Suddenly Susan" days).
    BONUS POINTS: Celebrate Halloween at Chevy's.
    For the Men: Mannish Jessica Simpson
    Image hosted by Image hosted by
    If you know any men who would be willing to cross dress for Halloween, this is the perfect costume. If they're not willing to bare it all in a bikini, you can always go for the candid shot Jessica Simpson.
    Get some cowboy boots, big sunglasses, and big tacky leather bag. Find an ugly outfit that only Jessica or Mary Kate would wear. Make sure to heavily pad your man's chest to give the impression of impants. The flatter the butt your man has, the better!
    BONUS POINTS: Louis Vuitton pet carrier with a plushie dog in it.

    Comments on "Halloween Costume Ideas"


    Anonymous Designer Ella said ... (1:54 PM) : 

    I need more ideas!

    That white trash pregnat Spears sounds good, while I still hold a little weight on me.

    What do you think of being Coco Chanel?

    Or a goth-punk is very different from me, and I have access to some accessories.

    Or I could be a beautiful, delicate butterfly.

    Wonderful post!


    Blogger PurseDeals said ... (2:27 PM) : 

    Coco Chanel would be good if you're going to a party with some fashion forward people. But with some people, they'll think you're dressed as Courtney Cox and David Arquette's baby name Coco.

    I'll try to rack my brain for some more ideas, and get another post in before Halloween.


    Anonymous Designer Ella said ... (4:29 PM) : 

    I've decided on 50s housewife! Yes, I do already have the clothes, and that is so my style ... but ... I don't really dress for that full effect. I love it. I'm adding pearls, and hopefully a crinoline slip for my skirt, and perhaps a head band a la June Cleaver. The hair is the hardest part, I'll try to curl it somewhat (and mine is too long, but I'm keeping it). What accessories do you think are a must (for CHEAP!)?

    But yes, also keep posting new entries about these costumes, it was a terrific read.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:55 PM) : 

    white trash spears good but do reckon it would work better with a basketball


    Anonymous Women leather skirts for sale said ... (8:48 AM) : 

    nice post love reading it


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