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    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    Ebay Feedback - What does it mean?

    The feedback system on Ebay can be confusing - many times a seller has thousands of feedback to wade through before you can find the the neutral and negative feedback that you are most interested in knowing about.

    That is why I use the following free tool to automatically separate the bad feedback from the good.

    Now that you can easily find a seller's negative feedback, what does it mean?

    Everyone is familiar with the old saying ""You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not please all of the people all of the time." This is especially true with eBay. If a seller has a few red marks within several hundred or even thousand positive feedbacks, that is not always damning evidence. Some people are just hard to please, and sometimes shipments do get lost in the mail.

    If you see the same complaint over and over again, that is when you should worry that this is a common problem from a seller. If you see any feedback that accuses the seller of selling fakes - it's most likely that their entire inventory is counterfeit and you should move on.

    Retaliatory Feedback is one of the major problems on eBay because Non-Paying Bidders are still allowed to leave feedback for their sellers. So, if a seller leaves negative feedback for a buyer who never paid for their item, that buyer can decide to get their revenge by leaving negative and sometimes outright false feedback for the seller. Anyone can clearly see this is slander, but eBay has done nothing to prevent this.

    If you want to determine if the negative feedback was retaliatory, you can use the same site to check for mutual feedback -the feedback that two members have left for each other.

    Sure Signs of a Scam Auction.

    You should always be familiar with the telltale signs of an eBay scam auction.
    1) The only picture in the listing is from a print ad. There are no pictures of the actual bag up for sale.
    2) The seller does not accept Paypal, and wants you to send payment via Wire Transfer.
    3) The eBay account of the seller is relatively new and has little to no feedback.

    In cases like this, the seller is not just peddling a counterfeit item, but they are going to take your money and run. If you send your item via Wire Transfer you are not protected, and you will never see that money again.

    If you do get your item and it's a fake - as long as you pay with Paypal, you can report the seller and get your money back.

    Sometimes Low Feedback can be your friend.

    Most buyers on eBay will not bid on an item from a seller with a new account with low feedback. This is understandable, but we all know that you gotta start somewhere and everyone's feedback on eBay was once ZERO.

    If a seller doesn't have any negative feedback, accepts Paypal and shows plenty of pictures of the item you are interested in, why not take a chance and bid when others are afraid to? I have gotten my best deals from new eBay sellers who didn't have enough feedback to make nervous buyers confident enough to bid. As long as you pay with Paypal (and never ever never wire money), you have a record of your payment and if you don't get your item, or the item is not as it was described you are protected by Paypal and can get a refund.

    For more information on Paypal's Buyer Protection Policy, please check out Paypal's website:

    The most important thing about Buyer protection is that you must file your claim within 45 days of the auction end. If you do not receive your item within 45 days, no matter what your seller says about the item being on its way, file a claim otherwise it will be too late.

    For more information about eBay feedback, I found this article helpful.

    Best of luck with your eBaying, I am confident that with patience and vigilance you can get a great deal on the handbag of your dreams.

    Comments on "Ebay Feedback - What does it mean?"


    Anonymous Designer Ella said ... (4:45 PM) : 

    This is such a helpful and well-written article! Thank you!

    eBay addicted, huh? ;-)


    Blogger Moca said ... (8:27 PM) : 

    I agree - this is very helpful. I have always been afraid to purchase on E-bay even with all the precautions and rule that they have put in place. Thanks for the info!


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