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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Coupons for Sale on eBay?

    I found this interesting article from

    EBay Coupon Sellers Clip for Cash
    By Christopher Null

    On eBay, one man's trash has always been another man's treasure. But this time it's no cliché. Enterprising souls have taken to selling their junk mail on the popular auction site -- and people are buying.
    Those pre-approved credit card offers may not have much resale value yet, but auctioneers have swarmed to resell the discount coupons that big retailers like Lowe's and Bed Bath & Beyond send out every week. Discount coupons -- typically good for 10 to 20 percent off a single purchase -- currently sell for about $1 to $2 on eBay, plus shipping. Larger coupon lots can yield $20 or more.
    It's not exactly big business. Miriam Rubano, who describes herself as a "poor student," said she earns about $200 a month reselling coupons on eBay to help pay her rent. She was careful to point out, as most coupon hawkers note in their listings, that "most coupons are available for free somewhere, it just takes time and effort to obtain them. That is what people are bidding on -- my time and effort to clip and sort, not the actual coupons themselves."

    Link to rest of article:,1272,57398,00.html

    I've actually purchased gift certificates over eBay before, and in order to sell them people usually offer them *for less* than their retail value. This only adds to my savings, since I usually shop all the big sales.

    If you do buy coupons gift certificates on eBay make sure to:

    1) Take into account the cost of shipping.

    2) Use them within 45 days of auction end to make sure they are valid. If you wait too long past the auction end you won't be able to get your money back from Paypal or leave negative feedback for an eBayer selling expired/fake coupons.

    If you can think of any store you'd like a coupon or gift certificate for, you might as well try eBay.

    If you are thinking about buying the purse you've had your eye on at eBay, make sure the read the helpful post I wrote about eBay Concerns and Helpful Hints.

    Click here for your favorite eBay items

    Comments on "Coupons for Sale on eBay?"


    Blogger Moca said ... (11:12 AM) : 

    That is an interesting phenomenon.


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